From ₹0 to ₹1 Crore/Month: The Only Indian Ecommerce Course to Help You Reach 7 figures in Sales! 💰

  • 13 MODULES, 80+ VIDEOS, 30+ HOURS OF LEARNING: Learn everything from Product Research hacks, ₹1 CR/MO Shopify Store Creation, basic-to-advanced Facebook Ads stategies, get supplier contacts & profit calculation sheets and access to weekly live calls + private community!

  • THE FULL FACEBOOK ADS GUIDE: Learn beginner-friendly setup to high-level advertising & marketing strategies that I've personally spent over ₹15 CRORES on!

  • (NEW 🎉) SHOPIFY STORE CREATION: Learn how to create a high-converting Shopify store from start to finish in just 2 hours along with FREE bonuses worth ₹25,000!

  • 15 METHODS OF PRODUCT RESEARCH: A 6+ hour module on product research which will show you 15 High Level Methods to find your next ₹1 CRORE/MO winning product.

  • A ₹4 CRORE FULL REVEAL CASE STUDY: I'm also going to 100% REVEAL one of my products that made me over ₹4 CRORES. I'll show you the product, website, ads, and a guided walkthrough of my personal ads manager!

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5,000+ Students Already Building Their Dreams!

Who is this For?

Ambitious Entrepreneurs Who Are Sick of the 9 to 5

Yes, a job has security. And consistency. And safety. But you know what it doesn't have? Passion. Fire. Ambition. The opportunity to make your yearly salary in a month – or even a day.

So if you're sick of doing the normal, this course will teach you how to achieve your wildest financial dreams – and live your wildest life.

Students, Freshers, Mothers, Fathers – Anyone Who Wants a clear Career Path

If you've ever felt like "what do I really wanna do in life" at any stage of your life, this course will be your holy grail.

It's going to teach you a skill and show you a path to financial independence that you didn't even know existed – all while making it incredibly easy and interesting.

People Who Want An Upgraded lifestyle

As I say over and over, Facebook Ads is a lifelong skill - a solid superpower to make money wherever you want, whenever you want.

And with this skill comes an upgraded life – be it the freedom to travel when you want or taking your family out to a nice restaurant without worrying about the cheque – you'll get all of it.

Syed made ₹1.1 crore in 3 months!

By the end of this course you'll be able to...

  • Make an Extra ₹1 Lakh Per Month 💰

    How would making an extra ₹1 Lakh or ₹10 Lakhs every month change YOUR life? It might seem dreamy, but having the advertising skill taught in this course actually puts you in a position to do that.

  • Launch a Business Sitting in Your Room 🧑‍💻

    If you've ever wanted to launch your own brand – t-shirts, electronics, phone cases, anything – this course will equip you with the marketing knowledge and technical know-how to not just launch, but to scale it to massive numbers... all with a laptop and WiFi.

  • Learn a Money Making Superpower 💪

    Instead of just using Facebook & Instagram to scroll through dance & cat videos, you'll be able to use this social media giant to fill up your bank account.

  • Sell Anything to Anyone 🤝

    Imagine looking at any product, thinking to yourself "what If I can sell this?" and actually being able to do that within a few hours – all while watching your bank balance grow.

  • Enter The World of Entrepreneurship 🌍

    By the end of this course, you'll be entering the world of entrepreneurship – a world where making money doesn't mean sitting at a desk from 9 to 5. It'll be the start of your financial journey to abundance and achievements.

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Meet your mentor

👋 Hi, I'm Tushar... and I've been in the ecommerce game for the past 5 years. I've started, operated, and scaled multiple ecommerce stores that have generated millions in revenue.

I've sold over 1,000+ different products using Facebook Ads.

I've launched and scaled businesses in USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Netherlands.

I've learned from high level international mentors who have generated over $200 MILLION in revenue (that's over ₹1,600 CRORES!)

And now I believe the ambitious Indians need to learn how to take charge of their own financial life.

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Is this a live session or pre-recorded course?

The course content is pre-recorded, but the weekly calls are live Q&A sessions.

How long will I get access to the course?

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to all the video content.

Is this course beginner friendly?

100% YES! You will understand this course even if you have never used Facebook Ads before in your life. It includes complete step by step videos for beginners.

Will this course help me grow my business?

Absolutely. This course has one aim: to teach you a skill of making money on demand with Facebook Ads. Use it any way you like to grow any kind of ecommerce business.

What about the weekly live sessions?

Once you're part of the course, you will get access to live Q&A calls for the next 8 or 12 weeks, depending on your plan.

How much content will I get access to?

The course includes a total of 59 videos, multiple walkthrough documents, and profit calculation sheets.

Is there a premium community?

Yes! Once you purchase the course, you will be given access to a private Telegram community. The link to join the community will be sent to your registered email and phone number.

Is there a monthly fee?

NO. There is no monthly fees or subscription to access the course or be a part of the community. You only pay once and that's it.

Does this course work outside India?

Yes! The fundamentals and the techniques you'll learn in this course can be applied in any market or country.

What all does the course include?

There are 3 different plans you can choose from: The Elite, The Master, The Grandmaster.

The benefits of each plan are mentioned in our Select Your Plan section.

You can easily choose the one that is the best for you.

Will this course also teach me product selection?

YES! There's a separate PRODUCT RESEARCH module where you'll learn 12 different methods of product research.

Does this course guarantee successful results?

This course is designed to teach you the skill of advertising using Facebook Ads. I've gone to extreme lengths and details to include every detail possible that will help you become successful.

However, this course does not guarantee any results or success, as that is not predictable by anyone.

Is there a moneyback guarantee?

This course is full of high level information that i've personally learned and gathered after spending crores of rupees in ads and mentorships.

Keeping that in mind, there will be no refunds for this course. Every sale is binding and final.

I don't want you to worry, I'm certain the value provided in this course is going to change your life.

The amount you spend on this course will be recovered in a matter of hours when you start advertising. This course pays for itself.

How much money do I need for this?

It's recommended that you have at least ₹30K to ₹50K available to run your ads.

Legal Disclaimer

We make no promises, suggestions, projections, representations, or guarantees about future income. We have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. You must obtain advice on taxes from a tax professional. You must obtain business formation, legal and patent/trademark advice from a legal professional. We take no responsibility for any information given that falls under those categories. We offer no guarantee of success, monetary or otherwise, and assume no responsibility for any time or money spent in relation to this course, products, advertising, etc.