From ₹0 to ₹1 Crore: 15 Product Research Hacks to Find Your Next ₹1 Crore/Month Winner In 30 Minutes!💰

  • 15 PROVEN MONEY-HACKING METHODS: A 6+ hour in-depth course on finding your next ₹1 CRORE/MO winning product.

  • FIND PRODUCTS THAT GET 10X - 20X ROAS: Learn the high-level techniques used by industry leading dropshippers to get high ROAS and low CPPs.

  • (ETHICALLY) STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST: Discover how my team and I steal ideas from other dropshippers to scale to massive numbers.

  • YOUR NEXT WINNER IN 30 MINS: Learn the 15 money-hacking strategies to find your next winner in 30 minutes – before anyone else.

  • REDUCE RTOs HEADACHE: Learn how to find the kind of products that don't eat up all your profits with RTOs. Sell better, earn better.

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What Your Next Winning Product Will Look Like ⬇️

Who is this course for

Ambitious Beginners

Highly passionate & ambitious beginners usually get lost in the first step – "What do I sell?"

If that sounds familiar, this course will instantly bring you to the top 1% of dropshippers and fill your store with scalable, winning products – so you can focus on ads & marketing.

No more wondering, it's time for action.

Ecom Owners Who Are Tired of RTOs

Scaled a product to high numbers, but still no profit? That's because you're focusing on scaling the wrong products.

Learn hidden strategies I use to filter products that will get high delivery rates and low RTOs.

Brand Builders

Always wanted to build a reputed brand, but can't figure out where to start?

Learn how I select products that are not just scalable, but grow into multi-crore brands that investors love to buy.

Sell Products That Give You A Luxurious ROAS 📈

By the end of this masterclass you'll be able to...

  • Identify Winning Products With Ease 🧑‍💻

    You will become a Master at Product Research, enabling you to find high-profit products with ease.

  • Make Data-Driven Decisions 📊

    You'll be able to leverage top-rated research tools and key metrics for informed decision-making, ensuring optimal profitability.

  • Understand Customer Desires 🧑‍💼

    Uncover the psychology behind customer preferences, creating products that resonate with your target audience.

  • Outpace Competition 🏅

    Learn from rivals, analyzing their strategies to gain a competitive edge and dominate your market niche.

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Meet your mentor

👋 Hi, I'm Tushar... and I've been in the ecommerce game for the past 5 years. I've started, operated, and scaled multiple ecommerce stores that have generated millions in revenue.

I've sold over 1,000+ different products using Facebook Ads.

I've launched and scaled businesses in USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Germany, and Netherlands.

I've learned from high level international mentors who have generated over $200 MILLION in revenue (that's over ₹1,600 CRORES!)

And now I believe the ambitious Indians need to learn how to take charge of their own financial life.

Course Curriculum



  • VIDEO 1: 15 Master Methods to Find Your Next 1 Crore Product

  • VIDEO 2: Money-Hack Q&A (PART 1)

  • VIDEO 3: Money-Hack Q&A (PART 2)



  • VIDEO 1: Different Ways of Sourcing Creatives for Facebook Ads



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How is this masterclass different?

  • Tried, Tested & Proven: This masterclass is not just theoretical strategies. Everything I teach in here, I've done it myself. I literally put my money where my mouth is.

  • 100% No Bullsh*t: I wanted to make this course as real as it gets. I don't talk about irrelevant strategies, old methods, or outdated dropshipping BS that doesn't work anymore. You'll literally find what I'm doing these days myself to make money – so you can, too.

  • Designed For Indians: While these strategies can be applied in any market or country, this masterclass is made for Indians who want to dominate the Indian market. You won't find anything like this anywhere – believe me, I tried to find it.

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Get started with all the product research knowledge you need to find your next ₹1 CRORE/MO winning product.

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  • BONUS: How to source creatives for Facebook
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Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

How long will I get access to the course?

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to all the resources.

Is this course beginner friendly?

100% YES! It's perfect for beginners seeking to embark on a successful ecommerce journey!

Will this course help me grow my business?

Absolutely! This masterclass offers cutting-edge insights and advanced strategies to elevate your success even further.

Does this course guarantee successful results?

This course is designed to teach you the most effective money-hacking methods for product research and boost your chances of success in the competitive ecommerce market..

I've gone to extreme lengths and details to include every detail possible that will help you become successful.

However, this course does not guarantee any results or success, as that is not predictable by anyone.

Is there a moneyback guarantee?

This course is full of high level information that i've personally learned and gathered.

Keeping that in mind, there will be no refunds for this course. Every sale is binding and final.

I don't want you to worry, I'm certain the value provided in this course is going to change your life.

The amount you spend on this course will be recovered in a matter of hours when you start advertising. This course pays for itself.

Legal Disclaimer

We make no promises, suggestions, projections, representations, or guarantees about future income. We have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. You must obtain advice on taxes from a tax professional. You must obtain business formation, legal and patent/trademark advice from a legal professional. We take no responsibility for any information given that falls under those categories. We offer no guarantee of success, monetary or otherwise, and assume no responsibility for any time or money spent in relation to this course, products, advertising, etc.