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Fish Cat Toy

ā­ļøā­ļøā­ļøā­ļøā­ļø (100+)

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Find out What Your Cat Would Do if It Caught a Fish! šŸŸ

These Cats Can't Get Enough!

Realistic fish simulator...what would your cat do? This vivid moving fish toy looks like a real fish! It's an eye-catcher for cats, keeping your kitty on her paws and engaged! Your cat will never be bored or lonely when you're gone!Ā 

āœ… Extremely Fun Watching Your Cat Play!

āœ… USB Rechargeable - Simply Plug-In & Play More

āœ… Catnip Enhanced šŸ˜»

āœ… Cure for Cat Boredom & Loneliness

āœ… Watch Your Cat Play with A Fish!

Interactive Fun for Cats

Every time your cat touches this cat kicker toy, the automatic built-in motion sensor kicks into action! The cat teaser fish moves in a wiggling way, intriguing your cat to kick and play!

Feel Guilty Leaving Your Little One Alone?

Leave him with this! Your cat will just have to touch the fish and it will come to life! The realistic wiggling motion will excite your cat. Every time your cat touches the flopping fish cat toy the motion sensor will activate and the toy will wiggle!

Did Your Cat Play Too Much?

Simply Plug It in To Recharge!

With an easy recharge and and occasional catnip refill this toy will provide endless fun for your little guy. Cat's are loving this toy!

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